The Diocesan Development & Welfare Society (DDWS) mandated by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allahabad was registered in the year 1980. The main motive of this society was to bring a sustainable change in the lives of the downtrodden and marginalized through the establishment of a self reliant society. Real power of DDWS lies in the people who want to develop and want to bring a positive change in the society. DDWS has been successful so far in making more than 25,000 families self-dependent. In the last 3 decades DDWS has grown into a big tree with its different branches giving fruits of development and shades of love and affection to the people coming under its shade. DDWS through its various social action centers it has been initiating various programmes for women empowerment, child rights, anti slavery, sustainable livelihood, local self governance, skill development and sensitization of the various stakeholders.

DDWS has undertaken many developmental programmes with the assistance of several local and foreign donors and through community participation. DDWS is well recognized due to its outstanding service to the people. People in general have highly appreciated the services that have been provided by DDWS on non-profit basis. In fact it has set new standards for community involvement in the identification of problems, proposing solutions to these problems, initiating best-suited plans as per local requirements and successful execution of these plans. In all these stages consultation with the community and its physical participation is ensured to achieve the best results. In turn the community has also given its contribution and full support in terms of time, materials, finances, land and moral support when and where required.

DDWS with its ambition to bring positive changes in the lives of the destitutes who live in an abject miserable condition has been trying sincerely in forging partnerships with other NGOs and establishing and maintaining friendly contacts with the Government organizations and Donour agencies.

DDWS believes in being an agent of change and facilitate the developmental process and work as a change agent in coordination with various stakeholders.

Our Vision

We envisage a just, equitable, humane and non-exploitative society based on the principles of justice, peace and solidarity... Read More

Our Mission

We strive to bring about peace, justice, empowerment, liberation from all kinds of bondages in the lives of people especially... Read More

Our Strategy

DDWS has undertaken many developmental programmes with the assistance of several local and foreign donors and through... Read More